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Dream While You’re Awake

These pictures are from a while ago (I know I’m slacking), but things have been a little bit hectic around here and I just found these pictures buried under more pictures… which will be coming soon!

I love these pictures, the flowers are so pretty ūüôā Enjoy!

Shirt: Winners - Shorts: Marshalls - Bag: Etsy - Shoes: American Eagle - Necklace: Ardene

Shirt: Winners РShorts: Marshalls РBag: Etsy РShoes: American Eagle РNecklace: Ardene РSunglasses: Ardene  РRings: NastyGal








Also came across this wild creature (my best friends cat)… so naturally I followed my animal whisperer instincts and started petting her.



… then she tried to run away




Thanks for reading!

Charmaine x


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Zebras and Trench Coats

Hello! These pictures were a bit last minute, my brother decided he wanted to work on his photography skills… so he’s to thank for these ones. It was a cloudy day but it was warm, so I wore the shorts due to the heat and the jacket in case of the rain. I am in love with these zebra patterned high-waisted shorts… they’re so fun and can literally be worn with anything. On this day I just chose to pair them with an average grey crop top, just to keep it simple. I thought the jacket was a nice ad-on because it really changed the outfit.


Shirt & Shorts: Garage - Jacket: Vera Moda - Shoes: American Eagle - Sunglasses: Sunglasses Hut

Shirt & Shorts: Garage – Jacket: Vera Moda – Shoes: American Eagle – Sunglasses: Sunglasses Hut








My dog wanted to play tug-a-war really bad...

My dog wanted to play tug-a-war really bad…

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Charmaine x

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Mixing and Matching

This post was actually made a couple weeks ago.. and I forgot to publish it.. oops! This was just a casual day doing casual things. Thought it would be fun to mix up some patterns and put them together somehow. I think that plaid can pretty much go with anything, and although¬†I found it pretty risky pairing it with these stripy pants… I think it worked out alright!









Thanks for reading,

Charmaine x

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Beach Day Essentials: Part One

Originally I came up with this idea as something to post onto WGWT, but I figured it wise to share it with you guys first! Below I have gathered fashion pieces that I think are necessary for a beach day in honor of the beginning of Summer (as I write this, it is actually pouring rain outside… so maybe this is my way of fantasizing about the perfect weather that could be… haha). This is part one of my Beach Day Essentials consisting of only fashion pieces (minus the random camera), my part two post will be “Beauty Essentials” which I will be posting later on this week. I will also have all the items linked below in case any of you were interested in where to buy them. Heeeeeeeere we go!


1.¬†A Kimono Cover-up –¬†If you get a bit chilly on the beach or if you don’t feel like grabbing an ice-cream cone in just your bathing suit (lets get real here it’s way too much effort to throw all your clothes back on), a kimono is a great way to… you know… not feel so naked… or cold

2. A Hat РProtect your beautiful face from harm from the sun with a gorgeous sun hat, fedora, baseball cap, or this straw hat! (Nobody likes a sunburnt peeling face).

3.¬†Sunnies –¬†Sunglasses are a wonderful accessory to add onto any look in the Summer, but is also very important to protect those eyes! (Just make sure you don’t wear them too long… sunglass tanlines are so not cute)

4.¬†Bathing Suit –¬†This one is pretty self explanatory. I went for a strapless top to prevent strappy tan-lines! (Also I think the frills are really pretty)

5.¬†Body Chain –¬†I’ve never actually been into body chains, not until recently. They look really cute with a bathing suit (as long as you don’t get a tanline from them because that would look totally freaky), and I actually really like this one because it’s simple.

6.¬†Beach Bag –¬†This is a necessity to put all your stuff in… Duh! You can’t just carry a grocery bag filled with stuff to the beach!… Well I mean you could but this bag with lemons on it would probably look 600x more fabulous.

7.¬†Super Awesome Beach Towel – I personally like to separate my super awesome printed beach towels from my bathing/showering towels… but maybe that’s just me?

8.¬†Flippy Flops –¬†Bring sandals that are not too precious to you (but they can still be stylish like the ones in the picture above). Like for example don’t bring your favorite pair of white cotton sandal wedges because chances are they are going to get dirty and that would probably make you extremely sad.

9.¬†Camera¬†– Capture the memories with your friends.¬†Beach days are the days in the Summer we live for, why not remember them clearly with pictures? I have been wanting this camera for ages and I think it’s time that I got onto the bandwagon. Afterall, look how small and cute it is. How can you not want it? (It comes in a couple other colors too!)

All the items shown can be found at the links below:

Thanks for reading, hope you’ll tune in for part two!

Charmaine x

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be weŠīČrd

Okay, so I really love this sweater dress.. besides the fact that it is extremely comfortable, the reason I bought it was solely because of the two words it displayed: Be Weird.

There are truly no¬†words to describe how important I think it is to embrace our differences and to, yes… be weird. For a long period of time in our lives, we are so concerned with what others are doing and we are constantly trying to fit in with everyone else, but then almost overnight we strive to be different and start embracing who we really are. ¬†Of course, on the journey to find ourselves, people will tell us (yes even the people we love) what we’re doing wrong, or that they think we’re wasting our time, or that we’re not good enough or that we’re weird, strange, or that we try too hard, ¬†but the truth is none of that should matter. None of that should ever matter.

I mean, realistically it’s hard ignoring other peoples comments, it really is, especially if you’re someone like me and those comments stick with you days on end. But over the years I’ve learned something, something very important… It’s not worth it to react. Don’t start a fight, don’t say some rude comment, don’t go off crying… don’t do anything.¬†Because holding our end is what will make us stronger, wiser, happier and most importantly will make¬†us the better person. So be an artist, a singer, a doctor, a nurse, a dentist, a nerd, a cheerleader, an actor, a model, a designer, a writer, a dancer, a director, a student, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a soldier, or whoever, but be the best version of you… ¬†be weŠīČrd.

Dress: Ardene - Shoes: Spring - Necklace: ASOS

Dress: Ardene – Shoes: Spring – Necklace: ASOS







swatting away some bugs


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Today was so beautiful and sunny outside (which is very rare for Nova Scotia in the Spring) that Alyssa and I decided we couldn’t stay in. So being the crazed shopaholics we are, we decided ¬†to go to Dartmouth Crossing to check out the outlet shops. We did some walking around and popped into some stores. Here’s what I wore today:


Shirt: Jawbreaking - Necklace: Ardene - Leggings: Winners - Bag: Etsy - Shoes: Spring - Sunglasses: Ardene

Shirt: Jawbreaking – Necklace: Ardene – Leggings: Winners – Bag: Etsy – Shoes: Spring – Sunglasses: Ardene





The sun and the camera make my hair look really red…. but it’s really not it’s like this faded brownish weird color (I’ll fix that soon)



The shirt I am wearing is one of my favorite shirts I own. It’s from Jawbreaking which is an online boutique founded by a girl named Aly (who designs all the clothes and it’s awesome) which is becoming extremely popular. Anyways, the reason I bought this shirt was because Louis Tomlinson (from One Direction, duh)¬†owned the exact same one and a voice in my head told me “you have to own that”… so I bought it and it is soooo soft, the nicest material. Also I dig the slogan “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Epic.

For those who are wondering about the bag, the one I own is a fake replica of the Celine Micro Luggage Tote. I am 100% obsessed with the real version but unfortunately the real one ranges from $2000-4000… and that’s just not happening. Although my replica is pretty convincing, the real tote has the Celine logo on it and is smooth leather. Here’s what the real bag looks like:

Celine Micro Luggage Tote

Celine Micro Luggage Tote


Thanks for reading,

Charmaine xx


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10 Things You Need In Your Closet This Spring/Summer

This post is pretty straight forward, these are the top ten things that I think every woman needs in her wardrobe this Spring and Summer! Read on if you’re interested in learning about the latest fads, or if you just like looking at pictures!


10. A bright bag. Whether it’s a satchel, or a tote! Everyone loves a pop of color, no matter what other colors you’re wearing the bright colored bag will draw attention to your outfit and will make your look so much more fun! This season, fortunately, it seems like almost every color is in style, so choose a bag in your favorite color ¬†(it’ll make it a little more ‘you’).



9. A patterned ¬†button-up.¬†Pattern button-ups can go with any occasion, working, shopping, or going for stroll downtown. Patterns are fun, and button-up blouses make the patterned top not look ‘childish’, but chic.




8. A statement necklace. With a statement necklace you can change a work outfit to an evening outfit with just an accessory. Sometimes all an outfit needs for a little kick is a bright chunky necklace… That is all.




7. Neon heels or flats. I am obsessed with everything neon right now, especially neon shoes! They are very bold and you have to wear them with confidence, but once you got it you will own that entire outfit… Trust me.




6. Plaid! As far as I’m concerned, every wardrobe needs at least one plaid shirt because plaid is ALWAYS in style. You can pretty much wear it any way, that’s what makes it fun! For example, one day you could go for a grunge-type look and the next day you could go a little more chic. It all depends how you style it, of course.





5. The skater skirt. Okay so my goal this season is to obtain as many skater skirts in as many colors/patterns as possible. The skater skirt is very popular this year, it’s fun and flirty and can work with any outfit!




4. High-waisted shorts. Of course high-waisted shorts are the most popular shorts right now, but instead of buying the typical jean high-waisted shorts buy a patterned high-waist short this Summer and take a step out of the box.




3. Classic jean shirt. Jean shirts go with any outfit and if the weather is being a little unpredictable, a jean shirt is perfect for any Spring or Summer weather. Can be styled beautifully with a statement necklace or a dainty necklace (depending on your outfit).




2. A dainty necklace. Yes I will admit that I looove chunky bright necklaces but every once in a while it’s nice to be subtle with jewelry. I love¬†pairing a dainty necklace with¬†another statement accessory (such as a neon shoe, a bright clutch or a powerful top). Dainty necklaces are also great to wear if you’re just wearing a low-key outfit that’s not too dramatic. If you want you can even layer dainty necklaces!ba2d7640a64daf0867914629a9fa30f1).




1. Sunglasses.¬†Oh no the sun’s in your eyes? Why don’t you take out your super stylish ginormous sassy shades to tell off the sun? Sunglasses of course, are an accessory that everyone wears in the Spring/Summer time when the sun really shines. Why not protect your beautiful eyes with beautiful sunglasses? Duh! This Summer what’s really in is big round sunglasses (yes they look very 70’s vintage, but they’re awesome), and colored rim sunglasses… y’all know how I feel about a pop of color.




Penny for my thoughts? Basically,¬†everyone needs to be wearing more color! Yes I love my black, whites and grey’s, I will admit it. But this season I made a rule for myself to only buy things of color, whether it’s a pastel or a neon, I need a little more color in my life. (It makes the world seem a little brighter). Even though it’s extremely difficult not to buy a really cute black top, AVOID IT, go for something with color, y’all should make it a rule for yourselves too!!

Thanks for reading!!


Charmaine xx




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