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A Walk in the Park

Hello everyone!

I just want to start off by saying I know it has been ages since I’ve posted anything and it’s because of moving provinces and getting settled in as well as starting a new semester filled with millions of papers and mid-terms  — university chaos. Anyways, I’m back! And I’m going to try to publish posts a little more frequently because a month is waaay too long for me. I’m going to be posting newer content and content from a while back that I haven’t had a chance to post. I’ve been getting several new ideas as to what else to post besides outfits and I’m really excited to share those new ideas with you guys! It’s just a matter of finding the time between exams,  papers and work to write and post them (but don’t worry, I’ll definitely find the time).

As for this post, this is a newer one, the pictures were taken just the other day by my dear friend Nicole (thanks girl), of a casual walk in the park on a Fall day. I did notice the significant change of color between the pictures but that’s just because the lighting changed frequently, especially when we moved from one area to the next (sorry about that!) This day was actually significantly cold and I did bring a jacket, however, it didn’t really look right with my outfit, so I took it off and decided to take the pictures without it. This is an outfit I’m actually in love with; I think Fall is the perfect season and has the perfect weather to wear warm skirts and tights and to take advantage of all the scarves in my closet – oh and also wear dark lipstick. Enjoyyyyy, muaaaaah


Shirt: Marshalls - Skirt: Garage - Tights: RW & Co - Scarf: Ardene - Booties: Spring - Bag: Aldo - Lipstick: Sephora

Shirt: Marshalls – Skirt: Garage – Tights: RW & Co – Scarf: Ardene – Booties: Spring – Bag: Aldo – Lipstick: Sephora





Jacket: Garage








Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll stay tuned for more posts coming very soon!

Charmaine, xx


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Beach Day Essentials: Part Two

Hello everyone! This is the second and final part to my beach day essential series. In my last post (part one) I focused solely on fashion pieces… In this post I will be focusing on beauty and skincare. Similar to my last post, I will have links below to where you can find the items in case you were interested in where to find them. Hereeeeee we go!



1. Aveeno Sunscreen Lotion – Obviously sunscreen is a MUST (gotta protect that beautiful skin), but get a moisturizing sunscreen so that your skin is more hydrated… and smoother of course!

2. BadGal Waterproof Mascara – I am being 110% honest when I say that I hate waterproof mascara…. UNLESS I am going swimming! Lets be honest here… raccoon eyes are so not cute.

3. Sea Salt Spray – It’s really easy to get sexy beach waves with this spray. I actually own this and it works really well when you scrunch your hair when it’s a bit damp. It separates strands of hair from each other and allows it to stay in place. Hellllllllo beach waves!

4. Anastasia Brow Wiz – I have heard people RAVING about this product, and apparently it’s the best eyebrow pen out there right now. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “must-have” for the beach… but eyebrows frame your entire face so it’s a must-have in general.

5. Complexion Water – Okay yes this sounds weird, but it’s a hydrating mist for your face. There are two different types you can buy from Fig and Yarrow, both in which hydrate your face, smooth out lines, and overall improve your complexion and the tone of your face! Gotta keep that skin hydrated… especially while laying out in the sun!

6. Nivea: A Kiss Of Protection – Basically any lip product with SPF is great for a day in the sun. I just chose this lip balm because nobody really wears lipstick to the beach do they? Also it’s really cheap! Bonus!

7. Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara – Although it says mascara… this product was actually chosen for the eyebrows! After filling them in or whatever you do to your eyebrows, set the hair in place with this. Great to wear on the beach especially because of all the wind you’ll encounter.. It’s subtle and it allows your hairs not to go all wonky.

8. Rimmel BB Cream – I LOVE BB cream!! It’s better for your face than foundation and it goes on really easily. This product actually has SPF 25 in it, so you don’t have to apply sunscreen over it (which is a disgusting feeling, trust me) and comes in three different shades (I’m a cross between medium and light). If one of these three don’t come in your shade, browse around, there are plenty of BB creams with SPF!


And Although this isn’t necessarily a ‘beauty’ product it’s common sense to bring this to the beach on a hot day and I… as well as your mother, would recommend bringing a bottle of water!! No questions asked.

All the items shown can be found at the links below:

Thanks for reading, and hope this helped you in one way or another (I hope this song gets stuck in your head…HA!)

Thanks for tuning in,

Charmaine x


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Favorites: April 2014

This post is pretty straight-forward, today I am going to share with you a few of my favorite things this month. I got this idea from several Youtubers (I.e. Tanya Burr, Zoe Sugg etc.), who discuss their favorite things each month so I figured I would jump on the bandwagon… but not in video-form (clearly).  Some of them you may have seen previously in my other posts and others things I will be sharing may seem completely random. I’ll make more of these blogs every month of every couple of months… Enjoy!

1. Food

As some of you may know I am tea-obsessed! I drink one cup of regular (orange pekoe) tea every morning followed by one cup of green tea in the afternoon and one in the evening. So yes, the first ‘favorite’ of mine is Yorkshire Tea in Orange Pekoe flavor. Yorkshire tea is very very popular in the UK and is one of the best teas that I have ever had, it’s not too strong but it’s very flavorful. In Canada you can’t find it in many stores unless it’s like a unique store with products from all over the world or something…. I got my box of Yorkshire Tea at Pete’s Frootique which is a unique grocery store here in Nova Scotia. The next food-like item is a box of lemon wafers. I’ve never really seen lemon wafer sticks before, I mean I’ve seen vanilla, chocolate and strawberry…. but who hasn’t? So these ones caught my eye and I had to buy them. They are actually really good, very lemon-y (I love lemon flavors), and they are gluten-free so they are good for you. I found them in the organic food section at my local Sobeys.




2. Body

For body, I have been loving the Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush Body Buttercream. I have discussed this product very thoroughly in one of my previous posts. So to learn more about this product click here.



3. Shoes

For shoes, lately I have been going back and forth between two different shoes. One of them is a Michael Kors Boot which I actually found at a really cool vintage store for only $45, so it was a steal! Especially because they were in great shape and they fit me like a glove! The other shoe is little black booties which I got from Spring. I love them because they work really well with leggings and also with the pants I wear to work.




4. Accessories

Both of these accessories I have literally just purchased yesterday but I am SO in love with them both. I was at Spring yesterday sorting out getting a pair of shoes shipped to my house when I looked over and immediately fell in love with this coral bag. The reason I fell in love with it I think is because it mimics the same style as the Celine Micro Luggage Tote and I am so obsessed with it (although the coral one is smaller). I also just bought a black bag that is a faux Celine Micro Luggage Tote (because there was no way I was going to pay $3000 for the real one! (also I can’t afford it…)). but I really wanted one in color. So that’s why I bought the coral one. The other accessory I am in love with is this tiffany blue statement necklace, it’s soo cute! I have yet to wear it (hence the tag).





5. Make-up

The first make-up product I am loving is the famous Bourjois boxed bronzer. There was a lot of hype about this product on many beauty Youtube channels and beauty blogs so I thought I’d give it a go. When I bought it I thought the box was so cute and it looked like chocolate so that was just awesome. The bronzer itself even smells amazing (not like chocolate… but it smells very good). This product isn’t very pigmented but it’s great if you’re going for a more natural look and just need a little bit of life put back into your face. The next product I’m going to share with you guys is also a bronzer, but also a blush! It’s the E.L.F contouring blush and bronzer in “Antigua”. This was given to me by my best friend Alyssa, so I can’t say I actually purchased this product from the ELF website but she say’s they have great products that work great for a cheap price. I LOVE this blusher and bronzer. They are both very pigmented so just a little product can go a long way and the bronzer is great for contouring. I definitely recommend this product. The next make up product is lip balm, which I heard a lot about through Youtube again. I’ve heard a lot of people rave about how great this stuff is for your lips and how quickly it cures chapped and dry lips, so  obviously it was a must-try. It’s the Nivea Lip Butters. From reading plenty of reviews I really wanted to try the Caramel Lip Butter, however they didn’t have any of those at all at Wal-Mart so I settled for the Raspberry-kind. I love this stuff, it smells really good and it makes your lips so so smooth. I think everyone should be replacing their regular lip balms and trying this stuff out! They also have it in Vanilla and Macadamia Nut (but I haven’t tried that kind yet). The last product I kind of bought on a whim but I am really glad I did buy it, it’s the Rimmel BB Cream in matte. Now I can honestly say that it’s not really mattifying but it gives a really natural-look (which I love). It has great coverage and is really light. At first when you take some out of the tube it seems as though it is a bit runny, but once you put it on your face it sinks right in. The best part is that it does give a bit more of a matte effect than other foundations such as the True Match foundation (which is probably why they decided to label it as mattifying, even though I personally would have said it gave a natural-matteish look)









6. Random

So this is the little section where I’m just gonna tell you guys a few of my favorite things that wouldn’t necessarily get their own category. So for this month I have two things I have been loving. One of them is gum, which is self-explanatory, I can’t really say much about it except that it’s Dentyne Ice Midnight Mint in the purple package. There is just something about this gum that makes it very unique to me… it’s not just your standard mint flavor and I love it! The next product is the nail polish that I have probably mentioned more than once in my posts! It’s the Essie Tart Deco color (a coral color). I love this nail polish because well.. it’s coral and I love coral and it lasts very long on my nails and doesn’t chip easily. I think I have actually been wearing this nail polish all month!





7.  Music and TV

For TV I haven’t really had the time to watch any shows (which kinda sucks) so I’m just going to say Modern Family has been a constant favorite because really it’s the only show I have made time for keeping up with lately. This is one of my favorite shows and I love it soooo soo much, it’s so funny and it makes me very happy so I advise that all of you go watch it after you finish reading this! For music albums I have been obsessed with Ingrid Michaelson lately! I have recently just discovered her and I am completely obsessed with her new album Lights Out, she has a great voice and I love every single one of her songs I can’t even pick a favorite one… but if I had to I would say they were “Afterlife” and “One Night Town”. As for favorite songs at the moment I would say Sondre Lerche’s cover of Beyonce’s “Countdown”, his voice is amazing and I love the way he covered her song. O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. You can listen to his cover here.

MOD SinglePageKeyArt.indd




Well that has been my favorites for this month! I know I didn’t cover many things but I will try to have more favorites next month or the month after that!! Thank you so much for reading, feel free to share some of your monthly favorites with me too!!



Charmaine xx



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The Perfect Pamper Evening

Hello Hello!

So this evening I have decided to do a little pampering. I’ve had quite a long day today and I am exhausted, but after pampering myself I feel ten times better! I try to do a pamper evening at least once a week, and it usually lands on a Friday or on a Sunday. Now usually I’m okay with just doing a face mask, but today I felt extra pamper-y. If you want to start doing pamper evenings, or you do, and want to learn some tips, tricks, or new things to do on your pamper evening… then please read on 🙂

1. Nails! Nails! Nails!

So the first thing I did was take off my sad, chipping nail polish. Nobody likes chipped nail polish, it looks gross, unprofessional, sloppy and it just irritates me to look at.. especially on my own nails! So I try to repaint them every week once they start chipping and my nails have gotten a little too long. Doing nails is common sense really, I’m sure everyone knows to remove the nail polish, cut/file the nails, wash hands, and put on the new nail polish. But one thing I always do is use a nail buffer block .  A nail buffer block is something you use on the surface of the nail. There are four sides to the block used for different purposes (i.e. one evens out the nail, one is for buffing etc.) and normally you start  buffing each nail on the one side labeled: 1 and work your way up to 4. When you’re done buffing your nails they should be smoothy smooth and it should be very easy to put on nail polish (no bumps or creases!).


Nail Polish Remover: Sally Hansen Moisturizing – Nail Polish: Essie Tart Deco – Top Coat: Essie All-In-One – Buffer Block: Lawtons Drug Store

I don't understand why the camera has to completely change the color of things. But this is not a pale orange it is a bright coral-y orange!

I don’t understand why the camera has to completely change the color of things. But this is not a pale orange it is a bright coral-y orange!

This is what the color really looks like!

This is what the color really looks like!


2. Clean Yourself Up!

The next thing I did was hop in the shower quickly for a quick scrub using Dove’s Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash in Coconut Milk with Jasmine Petals (I love it), but I didn’t wash my hair (you’ll see why later). Now normally I would go for a bath on a pamper evening but today for some reason I wasn’t feeling it tonight.  When I do take baths I loooove  lighting some candles, reading a book or putting on calm music, drinking a beverage (whatever beverage you may choose, wine, water, sangria (yum!), and soaking up the bubbles. My favorite bath products from LUSH are the Rose Bubble Bar (makes your skin sooo smooth and it smells amazing!), Dragon’s Egg  (seriously one of my favorite scents, and its glittery and shimmery (a bit messy) and just makes baths so much more fun and exciting!), Bunch Of Carrots (Seriously my favorite vegetable! These bubbles are soo easy to use (no crumbling), just run it under water and save the rest for later!… Oh and they smell WAYY better than actual carrots.), and my ABSOLUTE favorite Brightside  (I can’t even explain this wonderful scent to you except that this bubble bar smells like citrus and all things fresh… it makes the bath look so bright and happy and it just lightens your mood and makes you feel so much better out of the tub!) Okay I will admit after writing this I regret not having a bath, oh and that I’m drooling just imagining how good those products smell! (how embarrassing.) The next step is crucial, if you guessed it then you get… 1o bonus points… MOISTURIZING! I can not stress to you enough how important it is to moisturize as frequently as possible! (Trust me your skin will thank you one day). Whether you’re coming out of the bath, or shower always always always moisturize your body! The product I used to moisturize was a Victoria’s Secret product and I can honestly say that all their lotions work very well, they are very hydrating and you will smell like a dream after you use them so I definitely recommend them. (The scent below is my FAVORITE for sure!)


3. Best Face Forward

Okay so for some reason I’m not very smart and I forgot to take my face scrub into the shower so I just did it after I got out of the shower and moisturized and put on clothes. The scrub I used is one that I have never used before, it was recommended to me by my good friend Alex who works at Sephora. On the day I went in to see her, we were standing by the face scrubs and face masks and I was just being typically me, opening things, looking at things, and smelling things all while attempting to remain engaged in a conversation, when I opened a product called Ole Henrikson Walnut Complexion Scrub , it was the smell that got my attention. It smells like sweet delicious heavenly walnuts if sweet walnuts are even a thing, but anyways intrigued by the smell I had to ask for a sample.  So after just trying it now, I can say with my honest opinion that it works fantastic! I’m a big sucker for face scrubs, I love trying them and I love the way they make my face feel, but this product by far had the best results. Immediately after using this scrub my skin instantly felt so soft, smooth and exfoliated. The best part was that my face didn’t feel dry and it didn’t feel like it needed moisturizer right that second. In this scrub there are several exfoliating beads so only using a little bit of it can go a long way. 

This is what the sample bag looked like.

This is what the sample bag looked like.



2011 0114 Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub

4. Even Better Face Forward!

After cleansing and exfoliating my face I then steam it, with a hot face cloth to open up my pores and then… Yay! My favorite part: Face masks! I love face masks, after using them my face feels so fresh and relieved from oils and dirt from pores, and it feels great. I’ve been trying a few face masks out lately to hopefully soon discover my true love. Lately I have been testing AND loving GlamGlow. This mask is crazy good… the mud comes from Hollywood California, and is known for it’s amazing results on several A-List celebrities. They have a couple different kinds of GlamGlow face mask products depending on what kind of results you’re looking to see. The kind I have been using is the Supermud Clearing Treatment (the one in the white container). The best part of these face masks besides their great results and how great the skin feels after using them is that you can actually see it working right before your eyes. As the mask starts drying (it dries a lighter color than originally applied) you will start to see darker dots emerging…these darker dots are the oil, dirt and other gunk that were hidden deep down in the pores and are now being surfaced. (It is seriously disgusting… but really awesome). I do face masks every week and I am still surprised at how much stuff gets clogged into pores in just that amount of time (gross!).

Most difficult selfie of my life

Most difficult selfie of my life

It starts drying...... (please pardon my face)

It starts drying…… (please pardon my face)

Notice the dots that were once oil and dirt clogged into my pores but are now gone... muahaha

Notice the dots that were once oil and dirt clogged into my pores but are now gone… muahaha

And it's dry!

And it’s dry! (For some reason the mask on my one eyebrow wouldn’t dry hahaha)


Seriously I actually attempted to make better facial expressions but we all know how difficult it truly is to move your face with a face mask on! After rinsing off the face mask I put on some moisturizer. The moisturizer I’m using I’ve been using for a while, it does it’s job well and it prevents future break-outs which I love!



5. Long hur don’t cur

This is the last and final step to my pamper evening extravaganza: Hair Mask! Okay honestly, I have never done a hair mask before and would have never known how to do it and why to do it if I didn’t observe my best friend Alyssa do a hair mask a couple weeks ago. She used coconut oil on her hair which I’ve heard people raving about, although it is quite messy, I figured I would do some research on it and give it a go. After research, I’ve learned that coconut oil promotes hair growth, attempts to repair split ends, creates a healthy-looking shine, and makes hair stronger and healthier (all factors that are necessary when I’m looking for something to put in my hair). So of course, all-in-all the best product to put in your hair, I figured I would go out and buy a tub of coconut oil (plus I wanted to try it for all it’s other uses!). Once you put the oil in your hair, you’re supposed to leave it for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of however long you want to leave it. Excited to attempt this… in my bathroom I took a spoon and dug it into the hard solid tub of oil, rubbed it in my hand (it turns to oil very very fast) and quickly applied it to my roots first and made my way down to the tips of my hair, making sure I had it all the way through. Surprisingly enough it wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be, you just have to make sure you do it over the sink. In just a short amount of time I managed to get it all throughout my hair, success! (Except for the massive amounts of hair on the counter and on the floor… yes, you will shed, and you will shed a lot, and you will have to clean it up because nothing is more disgusting than stray hair… especially oily stray hair). After I cleaned up my hair off the floor, counter and on my clothes, I began to braid my super greasy, oily hair so that I could pin it up. 


grease lightning

grease lightning




After pinning my hair up (because I plan on sleeping with my hair like this) I put a plastic bag over my hair so that the oil won’t spread all over my pillow… yes, I’m talking to you with a bag on my head, and I feel like a weirdo and I should probably look into investing in a shower cap.


Thank you everyone for tuning into my weekly pamper evening routine! I hope you at least learned something or at least enjoyed reading this! …. My mom just told me that mice were going to eat my hair because apparently the scent of the coconut oil can be detected from quite far for mice… Thanks mom.



Charmaine xx


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Pleather Pants

Hello everyone!
So about 2 weeks ago I made the bold decision to purchase the now ever-so-popular ‘pleather’ pants. I was a bit skeptical at first once the lady asked me if I needed a change room with the pants in hand, but once I tried them on I loved them… so of course they had to be purchased. The ones I bought were from a store called Pseudio, they are stretchy, high-waisted and comfortable (bonus, I know!). I bought it as a last minute outfit piece that I was going to wear that night downtown. After I wore them that night, I was a little worried the only use for them would be to hit the town, but just recently I’ve discovered several ways in which these lovely pants/leggings/things can be worn. Now what kind of person would I be if I didn’t share these ways with you?.. a terrible one! So I sorted out 5 different outfit options which include the pleather pants, for 5 different occasions. If you are interested in knowing the ways in which these pants can be worn, or if you just feel the need to read on or just look at the pictures, then feel free! Enjoy 🙂

1. A Night On The Town
The following outfit was put together with the idea of going out downtown, whether it’s hitting the club with your friends, or going for a couple of drinks. This outfit is chic, comfortable, and everybody looks good in black, so you are sure to look awesome. I am a major fan of the crop top, and this one is a little different and unique, so I love it. If you are not a fan of crop tops then just a black t-shirt or tank-top tucked into the pants would still look great.  I paired this look with a watch, no earrings or no necklaces. If I were to choose a bag for this outfit I would definitely go with a bright statement clutch. I kept my make-up simple but the eyeshadow a little dark to resemble the outfit, and plum colored lips. For shoes, personally I would choose to wear a black strappy sandal (not too high, maybe about 2 inches).


Top: Garage – Lipstick: Wet n’ Wild’s Sugar Plum Fairy in 908C – Watch: sammydress.com





2. A Little Rock N’ Roll

The next outfit is Rock N’ Roll inspired. If you’re in a funky mood (or whatever mood you would be in wearing a rock-ish outfit), then this outfit is perfect. This is a good outfit to wear if you’re going to a concert,  if you’re just heading to the mall with some pals, or just going to school. I paired a cut-off sleeve band shirt with the pants, a gold and black triangle necklace (the jewelry isn’t necessarily needed, but it adds extra umph in my opinion), and a nude lip (this look isn’t supposed to look fancy, so I kept it simple). I love this top, especially for Summer, it goes great with anything really, and it’s sort of short so I guess it’s crop-top-y. For shoes I would pair this outfit with black combat boots or a chunky heel, also in black.

Shirt: Forever 21 - Necklace: Ardene - Lipstick: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight 700

Shirt: Forever 21 – Necklace: Ardene – Lipstick: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick’s Nude Delight in 700




3.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button-Up

This next outfit is an outfit for everyday wear. It is casual, and fun and can be worn for walking around the city, running errands,  going to school… practically anything really. It’s not too fancy, and not too… slouchy and boring. This outfit consists of a bright colorful collared cotton button up (that was a tongue-twister), layered underneath a jean button-up shirt. Of course you can choose whether or not you want to button up the jean-shirt, but I chose not to because I wanted to expose the bright coral color of the shirt I had on underneath. For jewelry I have a dainty 3 chained necklace with a tiger pendant attached… Personally I would have went for an overall dainty necklace with a smaller pendant but unfortunately I didn’t have one with me! I chose to not wear any other jewelry because I believe this outfit is supposed to look a little more effortless. For hair, I chose the half-up half-down look with straight hair (even though I didn’t straighten it… oops), however my second choice would have been anything with a braid in it (a braided crown or a simple braid would look nice). For accessories, I chose to wear a tiny brown satchel with tiny jewels on it, my second option would have been a solid colored leather tote.  As far as footwear goes for this outfit, I would wear a pair of black flats, knee-high rider boots (no heel) or a wedged heel.


Jean Shirt: American Eagle – Coral Button Up: Ardene – Necklace: Ardene – Brown Satchel: Aldo – Lipstick: Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balms in Tease (130) and Coquette (110)



This picture must have been taken after I decided to do something to my hair……..



4. Edgy and Black

This next look I love, it was inspired for almost any occasion. This outfit can be worn going out for drinks with friends but too lazy to bring a coat for coat check, for shopping, to the movies, going for a walk downtown etc… see any occasion! I like how the fabric of the pants contrast with the fabric of the sweater, which makes this look comfortable, fun and again very chic. This outfit consists of a baggy sweater which is made up of 100% acrylic fabric which is sooooo soft, with a giant number 12 on it (which doesn’t stand for anything… I don’t know why they chose the number 12, I guess it looks cool or something) and it is super comfy, not itchy at all which is awesome. The accessories for this outfit is a faux black leather satchel and a thick gold chain which adds a little bling and dimension to the outfit (a fun, colorful ring would also look amazing with this outfit). I chose a red lip for this outfit to add a pop of color, but of course I think any color would look awesome (it would depend where you were going or what you were doing). As far as shoes go, for this outfit I would choose little black booties, or cheetah print heels to add a fun pattern.

Sweater: Forever 21 - Gold Chain: Aldo - Black Satchel: A boutique called Twig - Lipstick: Revlon's Super Lustrous' Cherry Blossom in 028

Sweater: Forever 21 – Gold Chain: Aldo – Black Satchel: A boutique called Twig – Lipstick: Revlon’s Super Lustrous’ Cherry Blossom in 028





5. O Holy – Sweater

So this is my final look for the pleather pants extravaganza. This is one of my favorite looks because it’s a little more creative and a little more fun. Essentially this look was created because the sweater had holes in it and is a bit see-through and I was looking for something to wear underneath it. Now normally I would choose to wear a solid black tank-top or something, but this looks so much more exciting to me! Rather than a black or solid undershirt, I paired this thick blue hole-y sweater with a fun button-up patterned shirt underneath. The button-up shirt I have on underneath is a very pale shade of pink and has several colorful flowers on it (very Spring-y!) 100% polyester and is therefore very sheer and thin, so you don’t need to worry about it frumping and bunching up underneath the thick sweater. I buttoned up the collared shirt all the way up to the collar to expose the collar. I like that this sweater has a wider neck-hole (I don’t even know what the correct term is but I’m gonna call it a neck-hole for now) because it shows off the under shirt quite well. I also like the contrast of the two fabrics together, because if they were both of the same fabric… it would look a little strange. I decided to tie my hair up for this look in a loose pony tail with loose wavy curls in order to expose the collar, and I also decided not to wear any jewelry with this look (although a dainty ring would have looked cute). For shoes I can only see myself wearing little black booties honestly. And finally I chose the bright pale pink lipstick because the color wasn’t too dark and too bold, and it matched the brightness of the button-up.


Sweater: American Eagle - Button up shirt: Ardene - Lipstick: Revlon's Super Lustrous' Primrose in 668

Sweater: American Eagle – Button up shirt: Ardene – Lipstick: Revlon’s Super Lustrous’ Primrose in 668





Well I hope you found some of these outfits inspiring or helpful in any way. It’s a lot of fun for me to share my fashion knowledge and ideas with you guys! There will definitely be more posts like this in the future. Thanks for reading 🙂



Charmaine xx



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